Palettes | Theme Manager

Palettes | Theme Manager

A universal manager for apps supporting the dynamic theme on Android.

Palettes is a universal manager for apps supporting the dynamic theme on Android. It provides some default configurations which can be extended to create custom ones.


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Dynamic theme is a text-based universal theme engine having some predefined properties that can be shared across apps and widgets. This app will serve as a common manager (with some advanced features) for all the apps supporting the dynamic theme on Android. It has background-aware functionality which can adjust views according to their background to provide the best visibility.

Please visit the dynamic theme website for more info.


  • A dynamic theme engine with background-aware functionality to avoid any visibility issues.
  • Change the theme of all the supported apps at once via shortcuts and notification tiles.


Palettes for Android


  • A collection of presets to provide various base styles.
  • Extend them to create custom ones according to the requirements.
  • Preview and apply them natively in the supported apps and widgets.
  • Experimental option to enable dark mode in devices that don’t have a system setting.


Palettes has a beautiful user interface featuring the Material Design by Google and is powered by the dynamic theme to provide various customization options. It has background aware functionality to adjust views according to their background to avoid any visibility issues, and hence provide color for every choice. Themes can be shared via text, URL, code or file to achieve a similar look in other apps and devices.

Some of the themes presets are available in the app and more can be created by extending them or from the scratch. Please check the quick guide here.


Available on multiple app stores for Android, kindly proceed accordingly.

Supported Apps


The final theme implementation depends on the app developer and some apps might not support all the colors.

The applied theme may be different from the theme preview.

  • Buy Palettes Key for more features and to support the development.
  • In case of any bugs/issues, please contact me via email before making any review.

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