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Barquode | Matrix Manager

A tool to create, capture and manage matrix codes on Android.


Pranav Pandey

3 min read

Barquode is a tool for Android to create, capture and manage a wide variety of matrix codes including Barcodes and QR codes. It is highly customizable with a dynamic theme engine to match your style.

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Last year, I implemented the QR Code functionality to share the dynamic theme across various platforms. All of my major apps have basic functionality to encode and decode it but I always wanted to build a dedicated app.

Initially, my goal was to support the QR Code only but these days we see other kinds of matrix codes also and their popularity has increased a lot as smartphones are more than capable now. Yes, we already have various apps to do that but my attempt is to allow everyone to create their own personalized codes with the power of the dynamic theme engine on which I am working since 2019. Whether it’s a Wi-Fi configuration, a location or a contact card, you will be able to encode them in the form of various codes and this is something that sets this app apart from other competitors. It also supports multiple methods to decode them including a built-in scanner.

Barquode is the fifth first-party app to support the dynamic theme on Android and I would like to add more apps in the future.

Please visit the dynamic theme website for more info.

Matrix codes

•  Codabar  •  Code 39  •  Code 128  •  EAN-8  •  EAN-13
•  ITF  •  UPC-A  •  Aztec  •  Data Matrix  •  PDF417  •  QR Code

Data formats
•  URL  •  Wi-Fi  •  Location  •  Email
•  Phone  •  Message  •  Contact  •  Event

Capture codes
•  Built-in scanner  •  Image  •  Device camera

Manage codes
•  Background color  •  Opacity  •  Stroke color  •  Data color
•  Corner size •  Finder color  •  Overlay (logo)  •  Overlay color

•  Favorites to create frequently used codes.
•  History and capture settings for complete control.
•  Detailed app settings to configure all codes at once.
•  Shortcuts and notification tile to perform capture operation.


Please read below what users say about Barquode.

Serves the purpose
Nice app. Apps like this must be encouraged. Now i can print the price in my T-shirts tags. Earlier it costed a huge amount. Congrats for this effort !!!

One of the best scanner of all time.

V, good app for QR code making

An unexpeted app
Omg too good unbelievable very interesting app

I never thought would ever need such app , now it so so so useful . Thanx

One of the best barcode and qr code creator. I even purchased palettes key. It is awesome

User feedbacks
I came to know about this app from the Youtube channel ‘How to Men’ in their recent app recommendation video. I really liked the functionality of this app and I have purchased the palette key companion app as well to support the developer and to remove ads. Functionality wise, Barquode is just great. I had been using a different QR code scanner app till date with which I was not very happy. Personally, I think the user interface can be improved quite a bit. Thank you for this app.

Really cool app. One suggestion would be to put the data section at the top of the app though, so you don’t need to scroll for creating codes for specific data types


Barquode has a beautiful user interface featuring the Material Design by Google and is powered by the dynamic theme to provide various customization options. It has background aware functionality to adjust views according to their background to avoid any visibility issues and hence provide color for every choice. Themes can be shared via text, URL, code or file to achieve a similar look in other apps and devices.

Each matrix code can be customized individually to match your style.
Some of the theme presets are available here. Please feel free to modify and share.


Let’s give it a try via Google Play.

Barquode | Matrix Manager
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  • Buy Palettes Key for more features and to support the development.
  • In case of any bugs/issues, please contact me via email before making any review.
  • An image must contain a matrix code that can be scanned, it cannot convert any image into a matrix code.